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Emily Avocado
Jun 29, 2019

I love voodoo games but this one was a disappointment. As always there is an ad for their games, and there was noise when the blocks dropped into the hole, so the ad seemed pretty cool. At least that’s what the ad showed to the viewer. I got the game and all with high expectations, and I opened the game, and I saw complete darkness. I was like oh okay it’s a new game so it takes time, waited for about 30 sec tapping my phone so it could not turn off, and still nothing. I closed the app. Tried again, and still nothing. But I closed the app again and waited 10 sec. and the logo finally appeared. Then once I went into level one, no noise. There was legit no noise like the ad showed (when the blocks went into the hole) I was very disappointed at this time. I played the game and this “ad” I guess popped up it said I had to pay 3 dollars (2.99) for no ads I did not pay though, you could close the “ad” and then it popped up again. Another disappointment. I know it will be hard to develop a game and all especially make it, but when making a game and it’s advertisement consider putting the ad once in a while. Last thing/ disappointment. THE LAG. Please fix that bug. I bet no one will read this because it’s so long 😂 but consider this please.

Reanna Davis
Jun 09, 2019

I found this game off an ad like most and found it interesting and thought I would like it. I found it very relaxing and addictive but once I got over 100 levels I couldn’t play it anymore. I like this game and I want to keep playing it, but it needs work. In general I agree with the people that say that this game isn’t that great when it comes to the abundance of ads and how there isn’t much variation. As I still agree there isn’t much variation and it can get very repetitive, I have been playing this game for a while and you have to go a lot further to get some variation and then it gets more repetitive. The only variation I got was a wheel that you spin that only gives you the purple diamonds and levels with a little bit more cubes. I could see this ad being something but it needs work. I think it also needs to get harder and less repetitive. You literally do the same levels over and over again and they are the easiest thing ever. I only gave this 3 stars because the graphics are good and I like the concept of the game.

Jun 12, 2019

So, I’ve read previous reviews and disagree with most. I’m weird and don’t mind watching ads. Less and less come as you play. Somehow, (after like 10 mins because this game is pretty dang easy and doesn’t get harder) I found myself on level 1136. I have 1833 diamonds. I’ve used 25 on a “skin”. Which I’ll say is a pretty dope skin. Its got eyes and teeth and It’s super cute. But thats all you can get with all these endless diamonds. Its a bit glitchy but all you gotta do is refresh it and its fine. My ONLY problem with this game is with the wheel you get after each level. Mathematically speaking, you have a 20% chance of getting a “3D Super Hole”. After 1136 levels, I still have yet to figure out this mystery hole. Along with the 20% chance of a “?” And “skin”. I would like to see this 3D Super Hole. I have even watched a few ads which allow you to spin again to get a higher chance of landing on this super hole. After 1136 levels, I want something new. Like a freakin 3D SUPER HOLE!!! If this wheel isn’t set to only land on diamonds, statistically, there is an extremely low chance of me not getting ANY of the 3D super holes in all these levels. There is a chance... but a very unlikely chance. So LETS SEE THIS 3D SUPER HOLE AND I WILL GIVE IT 5 STARS!!!! I HAVE NO OTHER PROBLEMS WITH THIS GAME OTHER THAN NOT BEING ABLE TO CHECK THIS MYSTERY HOLE OUT!!!!

May 31, 2019

I usually like voodoo games but this one is just boring! When I saw the ads it looked pretty cool and the levels looked cool two. And there was a sound whenever the blocks went into the hole. It also looked like there was a variety of levels. And I saw this ad ALOT! I decided to download the game after seeing the ad The hundredth time. When I first got on it took a while to load and I looked at some of the reviews people seem to have trouble with loading to. It took a while but when I got on I started playing I played for a while but it was just BORING it did not show what was intended on the ad! No noises like the ad promised and the levels were not like the ads at all! I decided to keep playing to see if it would get harder and it didn’t! Apparently there’s 100 levels because it kept repeating them! And not to mention the amount of ads were ridiculous! This game had very low quality and I don’t know how you got good ratings because when I read the reviews it looked like a lot of people didn’t like the game! So I’m very disappointed with this voodoo game! Also when I looked at the age category it said 12+ but literally a 3 year old could play this! I am very upset with this game!

Jun 06, 2019

I would rate this a 0 if I could. I am very disappointed that I have actually never played a more boring voodoo game ever! I usually love all voodoo games but this one was entirely too boring. I mean, the first 2 levels were okay but then when you're doing absolutely nothing but move a tiny hole around to get little yellow cubes, you kind of lose interest quickly. Also, this app is definitely not like the ad that I had for it millions of times. On the ad, it looks as if the levels get harder and harder but they literally repeat like every 5 levels! And one on my least favorite things about this game is the amount of ads there are! I am only on level 17 and there have already been about 8 ads so far. There is probably 1 ad for every 2 levels. And the levels don't even take long! They probably take like 15 seconds each and the ads are rediculously long! Like a minute long each. I've definitely spent more time watching ads than even playing the game. I don't have 1 good thing to say about this and this game is very disappointing. I do not recommend this at all.

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Destroy complex block

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