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Jul 23, 2018

Don’t get me wrong, this app is very professional for making Add ons, but it might need a bit more... One thing you could do to improve it is being able to make your own mob skins when you are customizing them. The mob skins you provide are pretty great, but it would be a little bit better with your own custom touch. Another small tweak I would make is actually saving your custom Add ons. It’s not hard to customize your own add on, however, I find it particularly annoying that when I go off the app for a few minute my add on is gone. These are just thing I would suggest for your amazing app. Other than that, this app is a great app for custom addons.

Nov 04, 2018

I love the app, it works, Minecraft completely agrees with it and accepts it. But what about the other blocks and stuff, i want to be able to edit everything in Minecraft, not just tools, Armor, mobs, and part of the amount of blocks that are in Minecraft. Also, theres a glitch in the tools section, i went to edit the tools, and the sword disappeared, it wont let me edit the sword. Also, the tools that you have already edited, the system puts it back into the list as a duplicate! So even if the sword is still there, its shown as a tool i already edited. But other than the lack of completion and the glitch, this app is amazing. I highly recommend getting it to make addons, its simple, and depending on how big you want your addon will depict how long it will take to finish it. Please keep in mind that creating things takes time, you need to be patient and be calm while thinking of what you want in your addon, and before posting it for other people, save it, and test it to make sure it works. Test it at least 5 - 6 times throughout creation before posting. That will ensure that the addon works and people will be happy to have it! If there is something wrong with the addon, see what you can do to make it right. Thank You for your time everyone, please enjoy the app!

Sep 10, 2019

... but it’s still trash. I spent three dollars on this app expecting it to be really good, I was wrong this app is garbage. After this app was done downloading I started playing around with it then I discovered that there is no custom skin creator in this app. I didn’t think this was such a big deal, I just made a skin on a skin creator website and tried using it, but it didn’t work. The built in skins worked just fine but my custom skin wasn’t working. I started playing around with it a little more, then I started editing the weapons but all I could change was the skin of the weapon, GOOD GRIEF THE WEAPONS WERE THE ONLY REASON I BOUGHT THIS APP, AND YOU CAN’T EVEN CUSTOMIZE THEM!!! Also you can’t customize tridents, shields, elytra, or crossbows. And you can only customize 17.8% of the blocks, AND ALL YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE IS THE SKIN! And when I tried to make it so you could ride chickens it wouldn’t work. In fact, most of my AddOns wouldn’t work. Please fix this, if you change all the things I mentioned I would probably give this a five star rating, but for now I’m giving this app two stars.

Yoshi 198734
Dec 01, 2018

I really want to see more features like... 1) Food that I make don’t work 2) Weapons and armor need ability’s and Strength 3) A tutorial on how the games work 4) Features from update Aquatic (Tridents, Fish , ETC) And 5) Some features need aim, like bow, the arrow doesn't start at the courser and the bow graphics change back when charging a shot, There are other things to, like Custom Graphics don’t work Hope to see these soon 🙂🙂🙂 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you for responding Thank you for adding the aquatic update, but there are some bugs... 1) Food still doesn’t work, now both effects, saturation and nutrition don’t work 2) Custom textures don’t work 3) Inventory space doesn’t work 4) Ridable doesn’t work 5) Breedable doesn’t work, and needs an info for the baby thing 6) And the mobs glitch at size 1.5 or bigger 7) The sea creatures don’t work as well as insomnia If possible I would also like to see 1) armor defense and set effects, also single effects 2) damage and effects on weapons 3) The trident I hope I don’t seem to demanding on these things, plz just do as much as possible also, nice job on being active, your my favorite app Company 🙂🙂🙂 Hope to see this changes and adding soon!!!

Feb 24, 2019

I know that is a long title but you need to fix the villagers. The villagers always flea from me and I haven't even edited them and when I kill them, they turn to Baby Zombie Villagers. We also need something new to the tools and weapons because all you can change with the weapons and tools is skins. You should add something else to them like the durability and strength. Like you can make the Wooden Sword the strongest and most durable sword in the game. That would be really nice. Also when I edit the player and make them teleport, it does nothing. Can you fix that too? All of this would be really nice if you fix all of these.

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The first and awesome AddOns Maker now available for iOS !!

Our AddOns Maker is a top quality app which has many downloads and good rating from global MCPE players. Now after months of development, this is

time for iOS users to enjoy this tool.

Everyone knows that making an addons is not an easy task to master and most player cannot do it because it required programming skills.

AddOns Maker and Creator for Minecraft PE is a user friendly toolbox with optimized interface that helps Minecraft player create their own addons and show off their creativity - without writing a line of code.

- Modify animals/mobs skills and behaviors
- Modify animals/mobs skins (bat, blaze, zombie, skeleton..)
- Modify block, items, armors
- Modify projectiles and TNT
- Auto pack into an add-ons and import to your game
- No need any launcher to play with mods

Have you ever seen a sheep that can teleport?
A chicken that can shoot fireball?
Master the sky by riding a pig?
All that things can be achieved using AddOns Maker for Minecraft PE.

Stay tuned and keep supporting our development by writing your good review.


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