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Apr 18, 2018

The app is great in many way except two: 1) the “Live” launch broadcast is time-delayed about 15-30 seconds which really causes disappointment when you go outside at T-minus 5 seconds only to find that the shot has already cleared the trees and is on its way; and 2) the app doesn’t appear to have the juice to handle volume. So, it works fluidly right up until launch and then slows, freezes and repeats as soon as the launch sequence begins in earnest. Needs more bandwidth perhaps..??? Still, it’s an awesome concept. Just wish it was a bit better and that it would clarify that it is not actually a live broadcast but rather a live tape-delayed broadcast.

Aug 18, 2018

This app is very informative as it walks you through the preparations of the rocket assembly and pre-launch to launch phases of the rocket in AR, which also makes it pretty cool! I was especially interested to learn how exactly, in real life, the boosters manage to steer to land vertically (in the same orientation as it takes off) like some old 1960’s Buck Rogers TV show or something like that. It is really interesting to see the whole process from start to finish. The only thing I would add is a choice about whether to follow the first stage (booster) as it descends, or continue to follow the second stage and payload as they continue their journey to outer space. That would be really cool to see in AR (perhaps seeing stars and the outer atmosphere along the upper edge of the room that I am in as I use this app). Other than that, this is really worth downloading in my opinion, as a physics nerd who really enjoys this kind of stuff, and I haven’t even seen the live launches this is supposed to alert you to and keep you updated for when they arrive so you can watch in this app. How exciting! I’m glad that I downloaded it!

Mar 30, 2018

Skimming the store... have nothing to do... oooo... what’s this? A simulation... free? Cool! I’ll try! Opens app... Starts simulation... OMG this fantastic! Seriously I loved this app! It is free ,though doesn’t have much to offer yet. The idea is fantastic being able to move my phone and look at the engines, capsule, and all the rocket freely was great. Then the app gave many intuitive facts, some I knew some I didn’t. Then I followed the Falcon 9 in flight, separates stages, etc. I am yet to see flights live (another great idea I’m going to geek out on). My only complaint is that you can’t skip the facts about the launch pad, since I played the simulation multiple times. I highly recommend this app to nerds or non-nerds! Cannot wait for the Atlas V to be added.

May 10, 2018

I don’t understand how USA Today isn’t pouring more resources into this App. The 1st advertised live AR simulation launch never made it to the AR launchpad . Today’s Block V Falcon Launch happened in AR on the app, got scrubbed IRL. It was still very cool and exploited AR to it’s fullest. Pokémon go doesn’t do it for me :). I’m a nerd, my wife not so much; but she was super interested in the rocket science with some great visuals provided by the APP. Great effort and job by the developers, the tech is all there I think it’s under supported. From kids to engineers, this App is simply awesome for all in every aspect. Give these devs a bonus and triple their budget !!! launches on tv are so last century :)

Feb 23, 2019

Although it’s an innovative application, I wish there was a way to not have to leave the app just to connect to Florida Now’s website. Importing the schedules and other information such as an RSS feed could greatly improve it. It would also be amazing if there were a way to view past launches in AR (sadly, yes, even the Challenger incident) with the recorded audio feed from Mission Control. This is a huge opportunity to go all out and put science in the hands of millions where it should be :)

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50-years ago Apollo 11 landed on the moon as the world watched. On the anniversary, we’re going back again. USA TODAY’s updated 321 Launch app will feature an augmented reality journey

in real-time as our space experts from Florida Today will guide you through this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
On July 16th the live broadcast will kick-off, giving you the opportunity to watch the AR Saturn V lift off from any flat surface, as an animated hologram shows you what the actual rocket was doing the minute it happened. Then, follow the thrill over 8-days as you experience the excitement of launch, reaching the moon, and returning safely home. Video and live commentary keep you informed and guided through every nail-biting moment of the mission from anywhere in the world.
Also, check out our launch simulation as space experts guide you through an interactive rocket assembly, readying the launch-pad, and blasting off towards the exosphere, before separation and re-entry. You control the mission in this interactive AR experience, and learn what it takes to launch a rocket from Kennedy Space Center.
Sign up for alerts and join us on July 16th when we begin our journey to the moon.

What’s new:
An 8-day, real-time, Apollo 11 mission immersion experience for the 50th anniversary from July 16 – 24.