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4.8: June Update

The popularity score in Google Play is open to everyone; search for missing keywords; ASO Analytics for several countries; Semantic Analysis improved algorithm; updated top chart rankings page, and more.

1. Keyword Popularity in Google Play

Scoring for Google Play, also known as Keyword Popularity, is officially open to everyone! The new tool uses mobile-only data and does not mix them with data from the web and the App Store. To get more precise calculations we have also created our own algorithm. The algorithm analyzes over 25 parameters making the scoring forecasts the most accurate available on the market.

Google Play popularity score
The popularity graph is located on the Keywords & ASO page. Sources:

Scoring data may not match the results from other ASO tools. The reason for this is the different calculation algorithms the tools use. A survey of beta testers showed that the Google Play Score in AppFollow was the most accurate. Now we are waiting for your feedback.

2. Missing Keywords Feature

Collect the maximum number of relevant keywords that the app ranks for in the desired country, in just a couple of clicks. Keywords are grouped by popularity: from Top-1 to Top-100, you can immediately add the missing ones for tracking and to the new ASO iteration of text optimization.

Missing Keywords ASO Tool
Highlighted in blue are the words that you already track, the rest can be added by clicking “Track all keywords”. Sources:

3. ASO Analytics for several countries

At the request of our beta testers, we have added support for several countries to the ASO Analytics Tool. Analyze your apps’ Impressions, Page Views, and Installs all at once simultaneously for those countries where you changed ASO metadata.

ASO Analytics Tool
The graph shows total figures for traffic channels, and the table shows summary data for each country. Sources:

4. Semantic Analysis Improved Algorithm

AI algorithms now better define positive and negative undertones in app reviews, more clearly separate bugs, and calculate the Sentiment Score better. Also, the Positive vs Negative chart is delivered to the email report.

Semantic Review Tool in the email report
The ratio of positive and negative reviews changes are shown in the email report. Sources:

Now the Semantic Analysis Tool works for English and Russian languages, and we are preparing to launch Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Italian. Feel free to suggest new languages you want to see here.

Read more about Semantic Analysis in our blog

5. Updated Top Chart Rankings page

Now displaying the top 200 instead of 50. We also accelerated the loading of ranks by 10 times making the Top Chart Rankings page now practically fly.

New Top Chart Rankings
The data on Top 200 is available for all countries with historical data. Sources:

One more thing

We are growing and looking for cool guys to join our team. If you’re a Sales or Business Development manager, tell us about what you can do by emailing us on and influence the development of a fantastic product 😎

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