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How to Launch a Mobile Game in China: Tips from JoyPac

China is the biggest mobile game market, but lots of publishers face challenges approaching this market. GameAnalytics and JoyPac shared 7 most essential tips to keep in mind while launching in China.

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Falko Böcker

A surprising way for financial institutions to get new customers

The examples of how using side projects — known as satellite apps — can help receive new bank customers through the app stores. Spoiler: no expensive promotion channels will be required.

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Anatoly Sharifulin

5 Mobile App Design Tips to Help You Attract More Users

Top design tips from the G2 experts to increase the number of installs and keep your users engaged.

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Bridget Poetker

7 Tips to Create Successful Mobile Games

Game publishers from GameAnalytics, Lab Cave, Kolibri Games, Wooga share core elements of a successful mobile game: marketing approaches, communication with users, and game monetization.

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Ekaterina Makulova

How to Find New Mobile User Acquisition Channels

Get out of Google-Facebook endless circle and find new mobile user acquisition channels and non-banal approach to promote your app. Here's how to choose them, which one works better, and where to start.

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Lorenzo Rossi

How is Support for the Largest Air Ticket Metasearch Engine Organized

The co-founder of Usedesk and the Head of Customer Service of Aviasales talk about growing customer service from outsource to a full-house team.

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Katerina Vinokhodova

How to increase user loyalty with review responses

How to reduce response time while increasing loyalty, attitudes, installs, and revenues when responding to reviews

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Anatoly Sharifulin

What Vanity Metrics May Harm Your App Growth, And What Are App Metrics To Track

Key metrics for mobile apps: which ones will increase mobile app engagement, and which of them you definitely must avoid.

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KC Karnes

How to Promote an App Outside App Stores

Steve P. Young, the founder of AppMasters.com, talks about how to get app downloads, and how to promote an app for free.

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Steve P. Young