How to get your app featured on the App Store in 2024: a short guide

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How to get your app featured on the App Store in 2024: a short guide

Table of Content:

  1. New: App Store Featuring Nominations
  2. How to get featured on the App Store
    • Let Apple know you’re in business
    • Polish your App Store page
    • Localize your app
    • Keep ratings high
    • Adapt Apple’s design
    • Make your app accessible
    • Stay ahead technologically
    • Stand out!
  3. Afterword
  4. FAQ
    • What is the new "Featuring Nominations" feature on iOS 18?
    • How can I optimize my app to increase the chance of being featured on the App Store?
    • What should be included in a nomination to feature an app on the App Store?

At the latest WWDC24, Apple announced a new way to get your app featured. The most coveted featured spot is now, perhaps, easier to secure—an opportunity you shouldn’t ignore. In this article, you’ll learn about this latest featuring feature (ha!), and get a recap on how to get your app featured in your respective category.

New: App Store Featuring Nominations

Straight off the bat: this new feature arrives alongside iOS 18 this September. Get ready!

In essence, you'll be able to alert Apple's Editorial team about your app’s new content or features before they release, to be considered for featuring on the App Store.

Right now, the App Store’s Editorial team curates stories and collections about apps but there's no formal way to notify them about upcoming changes. The new “Featuring Nominations” fixes this. Through the App Store Connect app, you can directly share your plans with Apple.

Three categories to choose from when your brilliant pitch is made!

From the Nominations dashboard in App Store Connect, you can create nominations one by one or upload a spreadsheet for bulk nominations. Apple wants you to use clear names for your nominations so editors know what’s new. You can alert them to new content, app enhancements, or new app launches.

Draft nomination

Include a text description of the update, the expected publish date, and any relevant details. The “Helpful Details” section lets you add extra info like your story, app creation process, or accessibility features.

If your app gets featured, you’ll get a push notification from App Store Connect. Easy-peasy! That is, if your app qualifies—otherwise it’s an awful lot of work getting up to speed. Speaking of, let’s rehash how it’s done.

Why, we can ask Apple this question and get a…vague answer. Here’s what they say on their website, broken down in simpler terms:

Submit your request, and the editors will decide if your app is worthy. Here are the general criteria:

  • High usability, attractive visuals, and intuitive controls.
  • Functional, efficient, and valuable features that are easy to use.
  • Apps that solve unique problems or use new tech to boost user experience.
  • Apps that are distinct, define new genres, or offer new twists on old categories.
  • Features that cater to a wide range of users.
  • Culturally appropriate content and support for multiple languages.
  • Effective screenshots, previews, descriptions, and user feedback.
  • For games—gameplay, art, controls, storyline, replayability, sound, technical quality, and overall value.

Marketing assets for promoting your app on social media are provided if chosen.

Isn’t that nice? Basically, just make sure your app is so good, that there’s nothing left to win as it is. Nothing is that easy in life, however—so let’s take a look at actual, actionable steps to take to get there.

Let Apple know you’re in business

To have your app considered for a feature, you first need to let Apple know it exists. Don’t expect their curation team to stumble upon every new app; take the initiative and submit your details via Apple’s App Promotion Form.

Use it often—updates, new stuff, anything groundbreaking, even if it is still being polished: this is the awareness stage.

Always keep a record of your responses to questions like “Tell us about your development team.” This makes it easier to reapply. When describing your app, don’t assume the reviewer knows anything about it. Clarify what sets your app apart, especially in terms of new features and quality, without expecting the reviewer to be an expert in your app’s field.

Apple also sets up its featured lists around big events like Black Friday, the Olympics, and the rest of them. They plan these features weeks ahead, so get your app in early.

Polish your App Store page

If your App Store page looks good and is well-maintained, it stands a better chance of getting noticed. Put yourself in the shoes of Apple’s Editorial Team. No one’s going to feature an app with just one screenshot and one language when there’s another app with ten screenshots and multiple languages available.

If your app uses the latest App Store features, it's more likely to be promoted. Things like Promoted In-App Purchases, in-app events, and App Previews can boost your chances. But watch your stats—App Previews can make or break your conversion rates.

A short list of things to do:

  • Fill up your keyword field with as much relevant info as you can. Don't overdo it though; try to sound normal.
  • Make a simple, cool icon and throw in some top-notch pictures that show off what the app does.
  • Stuff some important keywords in the title but keep it catchy. Helps people find and like your app.
  • Use some fancy images, especially for Apple stuff, to make your app look good when it's featured.
  • Keep trying new looks and words for your app and check if they're working to get more people to download your app.

Localize your app

Apple will likely feature your app if it speaks the local language. Just English won't cut it in places like France or Spain.

You don’t have to do everything at once. Start with your App Store pages, then maybe your screenshots, and then the app itself. Pick what fits your schedule.

Keep ratings high

A few measly ratings won’t impress anyone. Apple tends to feature apps that show a lot of positive user feedback. More 4+ star ratings mean your app is probably good, making it easier for Apple to decide to feature it.

Here’s a short guide:

  1. Accept that ratings dictate your app's survival. High ratings (above 4) grab 80% of downloads. Low ratings kill your app's visibility and chance at success.
  2. Use AppFollow to analyze your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Know what you're up against and where you can excel.
  3. Actively seek reviews. Email past users, partner with influencers, and get into social media. Make it simple for users to leave a review. No excuses.
  4. Integrate rating prompts within your app. Time these prompts post-interaction or after significant updates. Offer incentives for feedback.
  5. Address negative reviews as soon as possible. Automate where you can but keep responses personalized. Use AppFollow for tagging and templating responses.
  6. Set up auto-tags and auto-replies in AppFollow. Don't sound like a robot—keep replies varied and human, and make sure the entire strategy is structured well.
  7. Constantly improve your app based on feedback. Fix bugs fast, boost user experience, and update regularly.

Adapt Apple’s design

If your app looks and feels like it belongs on an iPhone, you're on the right track. Stick to Apple’s system components when you can.

Custom UIs might look cool, but they can clash with what Apple prefers. Focus on a seamless user experience that adds clear value.

Make your app accessible

You'll boost your chances of getting featured if your app is accessible to everyone. That means ensuring it works well with Dark Mode, Voice Over, and Dynamic Text. Don’t just slap these features on; make sure they’re polished.

Stay ahead technologically

You don’t have to use every new feature from WWDC, but pick a few relevant ones each year. New OS releases are your chance to shine with features like “Live Activities” or new widgets. Maybe even throw a WWDC hackathon to get your team excited and innovate.

Stand out!

Lastly, do something different with your app.

If you’re making another Fitness tracker app, you better bring something new to the table. Ask yourself what your app offers that others don’t. Apps that redefine a category or offer a novel twist are more likely to catch Apple’s eye. It’s tough one, yes, but so is everything good in life!


At AppFollow, we hope you will make your way into the fabled Featured spotlight with reliable success. To get there, use every bit of advantage you can, including automation, which we highly recommend (obviously).

Good luck!


What is the new "Featuring Nominations" feature on iOS 18?

"Featuring Nominations" lets developers directly tell Apple’s Editorial team about updates or new features in their apps to try and get featured. It’s a way to make sure your app doesn’t get overlooked.

How can I optimize my app to increase the chance of being featured on the App Store?

Make sure your app isn’t just good—it has to be great. It needs to look good, work smoothly, offer something unique, and actually be useful. Keep it updated, exploit the latest App Store features, and make sure users actually like it.

What should be included in a nomination to feature an app on the App Store?

When nominating your app, be clear about what’s new, when it’s happening, and why it matters. Don’t waste time—details like what the update includes and any special features or stories about your app can help.

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