Parachute app reviews

This app delivers!

This emergency app is the real thing. It's simple to set up and it's thorough. Provides full location data, live video and sound recording all delivered to all your emergency contacts immediately after you release your you touch from your screen...immediately it will email, text and call all the numbers on you emergency list alerting your loved ones that there is trouble and providing the detailed location information, video and sound recorded. It won't call 911 but tells your contacts to try and contact you immediately and/or call 911. WARNING: this app is really simple to set up. If you want to test it make sure you add only your number to the emergency list for your trial run because once it's set up it works!! I set up my list and then gave it a test run and immediately started getting phone calls from worried friends and family!! It works great but it works RIGHT AWAY. No test run. Love it!

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