Sleep Tracker – Rise app reviews

ADHD game changer

I have been using rise for 1 year and have just renewed my subscription. Although I feel the app is on the pricey side it has been really useful in helping me navigate my recent ADHD diagnosis. The app lets me know how much energy I have, when I will have my highest and lowest energy points in the day so I can plan my day better and by tracking my sleep deficit it allows me to plan and catch up on those missing hours of sleep on my days off. I use RISE alongside another app called Sleepcycle and highly recommend they are used together. RISE can integrate the data from Sleepcycle into its app which is great! I have recommended RISE to many of my friends and now have 5 of them using the app and loving it! It would be great if there was a referral scheme that offered a discount to current users upon their next renewal. I would also add a new toggle/add on for medication reminders and water reminders if I could. It would be great to set a water drinking goal on the app too as it helps with your sleep if you drink enough water. Brilliant app!

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