RISE: Sleep Tracker app reviews

Helped my family get back to normal

I love the app, works really really well. And when it hasn’t worked as well at times, I contact support and they fix it immediately, which is much appreciated. I didn’t realize how bad my sleep debt was. I didn’t even realize how badly it was affecting me. I don’t wake up feeling sick and emotionally unstable every day anymore. It really helped me in just a couple weeks and I plan on continuing to use it so I stay on track. As someone who suffers from physical health issues and mental health issues this has really helped me a lot. My husband loves it too, it’s helped him so much. He is a chef so his hours are random and long and his job is hard on his body, he was never sleeping enough. He is a little less stressed and has way more energy now that he was able to monitor and eliminate his sleep debt.

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