RISE: Sleep Tracker app reviews

Info that you can implement and use to get better sleep

I’ve had insomnia for years and I think the info provided by this app has been more helpful than seeing a sleep doctor or primary care doctor about how to help my problem. The energy peaks and dips have been the most insightful, explaining why I feel a post-lunch slump even though it has nothing to do with what you eat. I thought for a long time this was caused by my diet and/or just particular to me, but it’s not, everyone feels this energy dip. I definitely feel less alone and ashamed. Providing times for when to stop drinking alcohol, start winding down for bed, and my optimal wake-up and go-to-bed times have been so helpful. I’ve only had this app a few days, but between using the sleep info generated from my Apple Watch and the info in the articles I think it’s helping me set a course to be more in control of my sleep and energy throughout the day. I saw an add for this app on Instagram and am grateful I clicked on it. I hope it gains more attention because seeing a sleep doctor, having a sleep apnea test, and taking medication to fall asleep seem so small in comparison to the real info I needed to optimize my sleep.

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