RISE: Sleep Tracker app reviews

Love this app and the team behind it!

I trialed a lot of apps before settling on this one. Not only does it give me the information I’m looking for in regards to my energy levels, but it also suggests times for various activities based on my dips and lows. And it puts them into my calendar app for me! I love that. The app also has a great Tools feature that contains a good selection of resources you can use and learn from, which is where I learned about the amber and red blue light glasses (totally went down a rabbit whole thete!). But my favorite thing is the customer service. I had an issue logging on to the app and Christian worked with me until it was resolved. He always kept me informed about the status, so I felt like he really cared about helping me as one human to another (vs a bot that never quite gives you an answer). I truly love this app and recommended it to a few friends and family already!

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