Sleep Tracker – Rise app reviews

Life Changing App!!

This app is really amazing and backed up by science. I struggle with depression, anxiety and ptsd and sleep is a big factor to my helping me manage with my mental health, yet it was something I always struggle with. This app helped me to learn a lot about myself such as how many hours of sleep I need to function, my energy levels each day, how to get my energy levels back up again with a consistent sleeping schedule and being able to see my sleep debt and how it affects me the following week. It allows me to build sleeping habits such as reminding me what time not to drink coffee and when I need to start my wind down for sleep. I really love how it tells me the best time to wake up and go to sleep, as well as telling me when my energy highs and lows are and what kind of things I should be doing at those times to make the most of my day! It’s a really non-judgmental app and doesn’t make you feel bad for taking naps and instead teaches you about them and how effective they are, along with various other things it teaches you. It helped me to get rid of any negative associations I had with my sleep. It has really taught me so much and drastically helped my sleep within just 1 week and hopefully to keep improving :) The Rise customer support is absolutely amazing and also very helpful and I can’t thank them enough!! I really recommend this app if you struggle with sleep, even if you just do the weekly trial you will learn so much and most probably like me want to pay for it as it is definitely worth it. I can’t wait to see the app progress and get better as time goes on!

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