Sleep Tracker – Rise app reviews

Best sleep app so far!

I never write reviews but I purposely opened the app store to write this: I learned about rise through some Instagram commercial. Which already makes it seem fishy to me... But this app doesn't disappoint. I tried a log of app related to sleep: the mundane apple health app, heart&stress, heartwatch, autosleep, autowake. Autosleep was the best so far and I do still use that one to see sleep quality and sleep stages. I'm happy this app doesn't just show a percentage of sleep. It shows the hours of sleep depth! Which is actually useful. But not just that! It shows energy peak and dips! Which helps you better understand your body and plan according to your natural rhythm to be your most productive self. Can actually help you avoid the disappointment of ''I planned this and that but I just couldn't get it done cause I felt tired''. I think I've had the app for about 10 days. Initially my debt was 14 hours. And now it's 7.7 👍 Being able to see your energy potential, currently 60% and that it could be 100% is motivating to pay more attention to sleep. Also there's a bunch of interesting articles within the app that I normally don't care about but they're interesting.

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