RISE: Sleep Tracker app reviews

The best app for Sleep Health and well-being...ever.

That may seem like a very bold statement to make in a segment where there are so many different apps available and such a wide variety of features specific to some and ignored by many of the others in the category. RISE is, far and away, the most useful app I've ever subscribed to and the features and resources it provides its users is beyond incredible. RISE not only offers you the typical "you slept this long, with this much in deep sleep, and such as." RISE offers all of that information and makes it diesel. Not only does it monitor the basics but it also uses the data it collects from you and your health apps to paint the most accurate picture possible of your sleep health, how it is likely to impact your day, then providing windows during the day when RISE has determined, based on the information you've provided to it, when you'll have that mid morning or mid afternoon slump or when you're likely to get your second wind. The RISE app provides you with so much more information than I can share in this review but I can say it helps you understand...you...and your health and the connections with it that first show you a small glimpse of where you are with both sleep and it's overall impact on your health and mind space, and then it guides you step by step and, unbelievably, without being intrusive and overwhelming. Best possible product and therefore my highest possible review.

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