Rise: Energy & Sleep Tracker app reviews

Never been so motivated to keep a bedtime!

I know the importance of having regular sleep and keeping a schedule, but have never been good at keeping it. Previously, I’ve tried smart alarms to help with avoiding the snooze button; however, they didn’t make any meaningful difference on the energy I feel through the day. This app tho… Being able to visually map out my grogginess and see how my sleep debt has been affecting my energy levels, has made all the difference. Just being able to visually see how my sleep habit choices are affecting my energy levels, seems to have done the ticket for getting me to catch up on sleep. To boot, contacting with an inquiry ended up with a lot more than I would have expected. I’ve found success with this by just trying adjusting my sleep habits based on what this app is telling me, and there’s been a noticeable difference.

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