Sleep Tracker – Rise app reviews

Great App, needs an alarm!

Been using this app for the last week and it’s really helped me get a grip on why I feel tied most of the time. I had no idea about sleep debt or how little late nights here and there really add up. The reminders to stop drinking caffeine and eating earlier are great and are earlier than I would have ever consciously thought then to be. Another reason why my previous sleep wasn’t working for me! What would be amazing would be if there was a way setting an alarm for a morning. I realise that the idea is that you wake in a certain window (meaning you’ve completed your sleep cycle etc) but maybe a way of saying “Set an alarm, based on when you think I went to sleep, within this time period”. Then it can wake you up after a cycle but also in time for you to get to work! Other than that, I agree that the yearly pricing is a bit high, but the app is great. If you’re in the fence I suggest getting the trial and at least taking some of the learnings forward.

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